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cbi employee housewife ROBBER riddhi nayak caro continues to rob correspondence of domain investor to run EXTORTION RACKET in panaji, goa

Please note that this website series is only to end the indian, goan government FRAUD of falsely associating the panaji ROBBER QUEEN cbi employee housewife riddhi nayak caro, wife and daughter of goa’s LIAR top intelligence and security agency caro, nayak, with the domain investor who ROBBER riddhi has never interacted with, yet ROBS the correspondence for ten years without a legally valid reason, to run a EXTORTION RACKET
the domain investor is only a harmless private citizen, the domains are always available for sale at a reasonable price, and whoever wishes to purchase the domains, can buy them.
There are also many indian domain investors, the wife and daughter of security agency employees does not rob their correspondence without a legally valid reason, only in goa, fraud top officials like nayak, caro, are ruthless in ROBBING the correspondence of private citizens , so that his GREEDY ROBBER wife riddhi nayak caro, can run an extortion racket in panaji, goa
All other indian citizens, do not have their correspondence robbed, why is the correspondence of the single woman domain investor alone diverted to riddhi nayak caro, who HATES the single woman and criminally defames her.