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CORRUPT LIAR security agencies in panaji, TAKING MASSIVE BRIBES to make fake claims about gujju school dropout housewife and get her monthly cbi salary for entire family

Panaji security agency employees are LIARS making fake claims about a gujju SCHOOL DROPOUT housewife naina chandan offering SEX SERVICES
This is posted as a fraud alert so that people, companies and countries are not DUPED by the lies of the CORRUPT SHAMELESS panaji security agency employees who are some of the greatest LIARS in the world,making fake claims about a gujju SCHOOL DROPOUT housewife naina chandan offering SEX SERVICES, because naina has powerful officials addicted to her sex services, and her fraud liar husband is offering bribes to LIAR top officials in panaji

It can be legally and medically proved that the kolhapur born cbi employee gujju SCHOOL DROPOUT housewife naina chandan, who looks actress sneha wagh, offering SEX SERVICES has not studied engineering, and has never worked as an engineer in her life, since she was illegally married at the age of 16, has two sons, and is only eighth standard pass

Yet corruption levels in panaji, goa are so high, that security agency employees are allowed to get away with their fraud of FALSELY CLAIMING that gujju housewife naina chandan, a school dropout who has no professional qualification, never held a job , has the resume, savings of a single woman engineer, who she and her lovers hate and have criminally defamed for more than 9 years dt

It would be interesting to find out how much money the CORRUPT LIAR TOP security agency employees in panaji goa are getting from the school dropout cbi employee naina chandan, and her balding bespectacled husband to abuse their powers and make fake claims that the gujju school dropout, with no professional experience is an experienced engineer from a top college, so that the school dropout and her sons are getting monthly cbi salaries without doing any work