FRAUD SHAMELESS LIAR shivalli officials hathwar, kodancha CRIMINALLY DEFAME hardworking engineers to get their lazy fraud relative nayanshree a monthly R&AW salary

On quora someone has rightly pointed out shivalli brahmins are a fraud community, shamelesss cheating and exploiting hardworking engineers with a good JEE rank, stealing their identity to get their lazy greedy fraud relatives like nayanshree hathwar R&AW jobs with the stolen identity of a harmless hardworking engineer with a good JEE rank The shameless […]

DIY Inspection for Drainage Systems

It is clearly important to be able to gain access to all parts of the underground drains. This is usually done by providing inspection chambers at various points. To meet the Building Regulations, chambers have to be provided: at junctions between drains; where the drain changes direction or gradient; at or near the beginning of […]