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My New Studio is Now Complete and Ready for Business

I have been into dancing ever since I was a toddler. Of course, my parents are the ones who put me into dance class back then. I had no idea so young that I would take to it so well, and neither did they. They started me out with ballet class, and I loved it from the start. Now, 30 years later, I have just purchased my own little dance studio. I had a mirror installer in Brooklyn come to put in the large expanse of mirror that covers two walls in two rooms.

After the mirrored walls were completed, it finally felt that my dream was real. I had been wanting a studio of my own for years, and even after I simply purchased the place, it seemed dream-like, rather than fact. When those mirrors were completed, I stood back and looked at them both, and then I began dancing in front of one of them. I did not stop for at least an hour. Then I slid to the floor and just looked around for awhile. Finally, it sunk in that this place was mine.

I immediately put ads in the newspaper to advertise my new place. I walked for hours passing out fliers to homes around the area with a first time customer coupon on the flier. If these two things did not work, I was not sure what I would do, but I would cross that bridge if it happened later. Surprisingly enough, I had 10 people call me that first week to say they were happy to have a dance business so close by because their kids had been begging them for classes. I told everyone to show up and sign up, and we would discuss the classes when they got here. All 10 people signed up, and even more people are calling for future classes.