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Borrowing from Your Neighbors is Easy

I lived in a home for most of my life. I always had a good deal of space between my house and the person that lived next to me. We were still close enough to yell hello to one another when we saw each other. People say that when you live in a condo that it is hard to get to know one another and I agree but that changed when I met a friend that lived in a great place similar to Sloane residences condo where my friends used to live when we were younger and I used to really know that place really well. It is nice when you are young and you get attached to certain places because that is where you will always remember doing things and having good times before you became and adult and you started having to pay bills and make sure that your kids were taken care of.

I now live in a condo and I will always love this place. When I first moved in here, I heard that people were nice and they always looked out for one another but I had no idea how much they really meant that until I had a death in the family and people heard and it eventually got around the floor. When I came home from going back to bury my mom, I had a lot of cards under my door and I also had a great big delivery of flowers to my door the day after I was home from the burial. I am very lucky to have such nice people that care about me and I really think that they have sort of become like family. I think I will have to have them all over to say thank you for their kindness.