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Month: November 2019

Indian and state government still remain in denial about the brilliantly evil fraud of ntro employees led by mhow cheater puneet

Most fraudsters have to at least interact directly with their victim who they rob, yet in a extremely brilliantly evil fraud, NTRO employee mhow cheater puneet robbed everything including resume, savings, correspondence without even bothering to interact with his victim who is a complete stranger to him, with his great charm and acting skills, abusing his great powers as a senior and powerful indian government employee

Usually most fraudsters will only steal the savings, money of their victim, at least no one robs the resume, correspondence, trade secrets, memory of the victim, ruins their reputation, so that even if they lose money to the fraudster, they can get some work, and make money again. Usually the fraudsters are not allowed to steal the correspondence to isolate their victim by the government.

Yet the ntro employees led by mhow cheater puneet were so ruthless and brilliantly evil, that in addition to ROBBING the savings of the engineer, he also robbed the resume, correspondence, trade secrets, memory of the engineer, her relationships, ruined the engineers reputation so that it is almost impossible to get any kind of paid work in India.

Additionally whatever payment the engineer receives, the fraud puneet falsely claims belongs to his lazy greedy robber, fraud call girl sugar babies like riddhi, siddhi, sunaina chodan, naina chandan, nayanshree hathwar and others, who are not doing any kind of computer work, to get all his sugar babies,their sons, monthly raw/cbi salaries for more than 10 years at the expense of the engineer .

Not satisfied with cheating, exploiting the engineer himself, the fraud puneet also encouraged other fraud ntro employees like j srinivasan, parmar, patel, parekh, nikhil sha, vijay, to also commit exactly the same fraud on her and get their relatives, sugar babies and associates monthly raw/cbi salaries, so that the engineer is now fighting 30-40 fraud powerful ntro employees who have directly committed a fraud on her

All fraud victims are getting angry, when they lose a lot of money, yet the cruel cunning mhow cheater puneet is using this anger to pretend that he is worried about his victims health, and defame, cheat, and exploit her further, continue with his atrocities on her, robbing her correspondence, misuse her name, make fake claims about her business to get his girlfriends monthly raw/cbi salaries without doing any work

The mhow monster ntro employee puneet HATED the engineer so much and if he was honest, he should have NOT INTERFERED in her life, not used her name at all, Yet in a BRILLIANTLY EVIL FRAUD , he has ROBBED everything from her, her savings, resume, reputation, relationships, memory, trade secrets, correspondence without even contacting his victim once, If the victim is interacting with the fraudster they can take some action, in this case, fraud ntro employee puneet did not even interact with her even once in 26 years .

In a clear indication of the worsening status of educated women in India, the indian and state government especially goa government remain in denial about the fraud on the goa 1989 jee topper by the mhow cheater puneet and other ntro employees, who ROBBED everything from her, FAKING HELP when they HATED her. Instead the indian and state government repeat their LIES of FAKE HELP, when actually it was non-stop ROBBERY for 10 years

Indian, state government continue to falsely claim that NON-STOP ROBBERY of ntro employees was HELP for the goa 1989 jee topper

BRIBE TAKING top indian government officials duped domain registries, ICANN with their fake claims about indore R&AW employee robber housewife deepika

Bribed by the sundar pichai led google, tata, the indian government continues with the worlds greatest domain fraud making a single woman engineer spend her time and money paying for domain names, managing them, and then DUPING domain registrars, registries and ICANN that the domains belong to a indore robber housewife deepika who has never paid any money on domain names in her life, to pay the indore robber a monthly raw salary at the expense of the domain investor

This indian government domain fraud has caused great financial losses to the real domain investor, she cannot even afford a new television, since almost all her income goes to pay the Rs 4 lakh for domain renewals
On the other hand, the indore robber housewife deepika does not have to spend any money on domain names, and additionally is getting a monthly salary, because the fraud indian government and is LIAR SECTION 420 FRAUD BRIBE TAKING officials are falsely claiming that the indore robber owns domains after getting massive BRIBES from the indore housewife deepika and her husband mahesh
Because of the indian government domain FINANCIAL fraud on the engineer, the indore robber leads a very lavish life, making trips to foreign countries regularly, installing the latest gadgets in her house like amazon alexa

hence icann should be aware that the indian government is openly involved in massive financial fraud on domain investors in india falsely claiming that robber housewives, call girls and other fraud raw/cbi employees, who do not spend any money on domains, own the domains of citizens who the raw/cbi employees have robbed, cheated or defamed to pay them monthly raw/cbi salaries while the real domain investor is criminally defamed in the worst possible manner

The indian government should end its online domain fraud of making fake claims of domain investment, and admit that it employs housewives for robbing domain investors, documents and identity